About the Chapter

The Florida Keys Chapter upholds the values of the ACLU. We hold regular meetings to which the public is always welcome, and host events in the community. Our board members each have distinct qualifications and experiences that they bring to the table allowing us multiple avenues to engage our community. Our meetings are the second Saturday of every month at 11am at the Unitarian Universalist Church on the corner of Petronia St. and Georgia St. Key West. 

Chapter Leadership

Loretta DiTocco – President
Michael Berman – Vice President
Bob Arnold – Treasurer
M.J. Taylor – Secretary
Rosalind Brackenbury
Glenda Donovan
Roger Kostmayer

John Leslie
Mary Sheerin
Jason R. Smith
Lois Songer
Dakin Weekley
Donna Windle
Jane Winfrey

Contact Us

Contact Details

Florida Keys Chapter of the ACLU
email: ACLUFloridaKeys@gmail.com
Ph: 732.232.4738